Poppy’s Mixtape for Latex Mishaps, Hitchhiking, and Getting Stood Up

The genre-bending artist pulls songs from every which way


Poppy, photo by Le3ay

    Welcome to another episode of Mixtapes, the video interview series that examines an artist’s tastes via a fishbowl of absurd situations. For the latest edition, Poppy soundtracks getting stood up, her first experiences with latex, and more.

    More than most artists, Poppy seems utterly unbound by silly concepts like “genre” or “stylistic lanes.” As her latest album Zig proves, she’s an artist hyper comfortable playing in multiple mediums and pulling from a variety of sonic sources. So of course she’d come up with a wide range of sonic references as she plays a round of everyone’s favorite fishbowl-based song game, Mixtapes.

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    For as downright ridiculous as the prompts get, Poppy never once blinks — except to wonder if the wild situations are AI generated. Still, she confidently picks the perfect song to soundtrack each scenario: Your braids transform into vegetarian snakes? No problem, throw on V V Brown’s “Shark in the Water.” You’re a dark elf getting mocked by your gang? Fret not, rock out to some Dying Fetus. Date stood you up? Perhaps a little “Ex-Girlfriend” from No Doubt will make you feel better.


    Check out what other absurdities Poppy soundtracks in the full video above. Then, head to Spotify or keep scrolling to peruse a specially curated playlist of her picks.

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